Welcome to ScienceWorks

ScienceWorks supports the process of value creation out of scientific research for society. Our approach is to draw on the expertise of sector experts and to apply good practices from around the world. Value creation out of scientific research contributes to our economy and society. We help to optimize this process through the correct use of instruments and to support new connections.

The fields we are active in:
  • Transferring scientific knowledge to society
  • Improving processes of value creation out of scientific research
  • Optimizing the regional innovation system
  • Internationalization of high tech clusters
  • Ranking and measuring the impact of university knowledge transfer
  • Analyzing and supporting science based incubators & science parks


"Policy Evaluation Course"
8, 15 & 22 November 2019, The Hague

Data conference
28 november 2019, The Hague

"Student Research Contest"
5 December 2019, Utrecht

Conference: "Societal Impact of Social Sciences & Humanities"
11 December 2019, The Hague

Please find all our future and previous activities here.


  • Publication: University Impact Ranking 2017 presented and explained

    The University of Twente wins the award 'Highest Impact of The Netherlands'. President Victor van der Chijs (right) accepted the award.

    The University of Amsterdam is the 'Most Societal University'. President Geert ten dam (right) accepted the award.

    Wageningen University & Research is the 'Best Collaborating University'. Rector Arthur Mol (right) accepted the award.

    Tilburg University is the 'Best Communicating University'. Rector Emile Aarts (right) accepted the award.

    The University of Twente is the 'Most Entrepreneurial University'. Director Strategic Business Development Kees Eijkel (right) accepted the award.

    This week ScienceWorks presented the Impact Ranking 2017. On December 7th the winners of the biennial valorisation ranking for best cooperating, best communicating, most enterprising and most societal Dutch universities were announced.

    The Dutch magazine Elsevier published an extensive article about the ranking. You can read it here (in Dutch). A presentation of the comprehensive exposition of the ranking is available as well.

    Date: 07-12-2017