ScienceWorks supports governments, knowledge institutes and companies to increase their efficiency in implementing science into practice. To achieve this she offers the following services:

The measurement of the impact of science in practice and monitoring the progress thereof, on the following levels:

  • For regions: Analysing and benchmarking innovative regional systems and instruments in an international context through the Technopolicy-model.
  • For universities: Measuring the process of economical and societal value creation from scientific research through the Valorisation-model(Dutch only).
  • For scientists: Measuring the methods through which scientists combine scientific quality and entrepreneurship by announcing the Most Entrepreneurial Scientist.
  • For incubators: Analysis of best practices in science based incubation by grading their performance on several subjects and levels through the Incubator-model.


Shaping the cooperation between science and practice by:

  • The organisation of knowledge transfer through high-level trainings and seminars.
  • The creation of networks and organisations in which science and practice cooperate with eachother.