Examples of assignments that ScienceWorks has conducted for its clients:

  •  Evaluation of the innovation policy in East Netherlands. For the local governments of East Netherlands ScienceWorks executed a systematic evaluation of innovation policy and identified future challenges and opportunities for regional innovation policy using the Technopolicy Model.  The assignment has been executed in collaboration with the following members of our advisory board: Prof. Peter Nijkamp, Prof. Frans van Vught and Prof. André Oosterlinck. More information.
  • Making a feasibility study for the development of a sciencepark in the flower area in the Netherlands. The study made use of the SWOT method of the Technopolicy Model
  • Analyzing Best Practices of Incubation in Europe and Israel. For the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation eight different ‘best practice’ incubators, in seven European countries and in Israel, have been analysed. Based on this analysis an overview has been given of lessons to strengthen incubator processes.
  • Survey of the performance of European Universities on technology transfer. A survey was executed to measure the performance of European Universities in the field of technology transfer activities. This study was conducted together with ASTP.
  • Annual Benchmark of Science-Based Incubators. In collaboration with the Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services in the UK, the performance of science-based incubators from around the world are measured yearly. To date more than a hundred and fifty incubators have been evaluated on their performance.