The Provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel have asked ScienceWorks to evaluate the innovation Policy in East Netherlands and identify future challenges and opportunities. An advisory-board expert-team consisting of Professor Peter Nijkamp, Professor Frans van Vught and Professor André Oosterlinck formed an expert-team that collaborated closely with ScienceWorks consultants during the course of the assignment.

Over 40 stakeholders have been interviewed including chairmen of the boards of directors of the universities of Twente, Nijmegen and Wageningen, cluster managers of the clusters Food Valley, Health Valley and Innovation Platform Twente, as well as stakeholders from industry and government. ScienceWorks performed a regional innovation performance assessment using the Technopolicy Model and compared this with the regions of Øresund, Noord-Brabant and Flanders.

Expert studie naar het Innovatiebeleid ScienceWorks (pdf) (Dutch only) 
Essays and Regional Innovation System analysis ScienceWorks (pdf) (Dutch only)
Scientific article about this research published in Regional Science