ScienceWorks supports the transfer of scientific knowledge to society from its office in The Hague. Our experts have been advisors of governments, high tech businesses and universities in many countries. ScienceWorks has access to international networks of experts in the field of value creation and innovation policy, including the Technopolicy Network. Our approach is to establish a well designed team of advisors for every assignment. In doing so we may make use of the experts of our advisory board.

Our Employees

Frank Zwetsloot

The founder of ScienceWorks. With twenty years of experience at Erasmus University and at Science Alliance, you may state rightly that “knowledge transfer” has become the second nature of Frank. In this period he founded almost ten organisations to structure the exchange of scientific knowledge, including the European leading organization on knowledge transfer, ASTP and The network of knowledge regions Technopolicy. At ScienceWorks he developed several measurement systems in order to measure knowledge transfer (Valorisatieranking) and science based regional development. The most recent network concerns AESIS, an organization that measures and promotes the impact of science.
His motto: One discovery may create a thousand new realities”




Cheyen Bannenberg

After completing his Political Science and European Law degree, Cheyen started working as Unit Manager Knowledge and Policy* at ScienceWorks. He is highly interested in the challenges faced by the world of policy and politics and wants to help counter such challenges. As Unit Manager* Cheyen brings scholars and policymakers together in order to contribute to the establishment of evidence informed policy and stimulates the societal impact of science. His motto: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident”.



Claar-Els van Delft

For 18 years Claar-Els is managing networks and organising congresses at the interface of science and society. Today, she is working as networkmanager for two days a week. She slaves for to of her favorite congresses, the Student Research Conference and The Cambridge Council. Her motto: “A leap in cold water makes the day.”




Anika Duut van Goor

As Project Manager Valorisation Anika is responsible for expanding the AESIS Network and the organisation of the Impact of Science conference, courses and other future events. She has a background in political science research and event coordination, which is reflected in the combination of professionalism and excitement she brings to the job. Her motto: ”Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over. Now is exactly the right time!”




Aram Swinkels

At the end of January Aram started as project manager of the Student Research Conference (SRC), a conference where the best bachelor researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium compete. He will mostly be responsible for the notoriety of the Student Research Conference. Besides this, he will also be responsible for the daily tasks like the communication. Before he started at ScienceWorks he got his Biology master where he gained experience in research. His motto: “Curiosity both fuels answers and raises questions.”



Ivo Wildenberg

Ivo has been working as a dealmaker and strategy consultant since 1986. He does most of his work in media, shipping and the automotive industry. He established his own firm, Bridgecraft, in 1995. He has worked with ScienceWorks since its inception and was involved in many of its projects. He brings with him experience in the fields of finance and business development.
His motto: “Simplicity is a virtue”